Body Zorbing In The US
Body Zorbing
I’ve recently gone body zorbing. You might not be familiar with what this means. Well, body zorbing is a sport that derives from the original zorbing. It is a sport that uses inflatable bubble zorb balls for all type of activities and scenarios. Probably the most famous thing that body zorbing is used for, is soccer or football. You get yourself dressed in a body zorb and you play football with your friends or family.

In order to do body zorbing, you will need a body zorb ball, also called simply a body zorb. This is a smaller version of the big Zorbing-Ball. It had the same structure with a bigger plastic ball on the surface and the small tunnel in the center also made of plastic. The central part and outer ball are linked with nylon threads that keep them together. This creates an air cushion that is inflated with air using an electric pump mostly. Once the body zorb is inflated you’re ready to go body zorbing.
There are many scenarios which you can do. There is the sumo scenario. You get yourself inside a body zorb and so does you opponent. Then both of you get inside the circle and start to play sumo. The winner is the one that manages to put the other one in his body zorb out of the circle.

Other body zorbing scenarios include body zorbing bowling. In this scenario you use body zorbing in order to play bowling. People get dressed in their body zorbs,  and interns everybody gets to be a bowling pin. A designated player is going to represent the bowling ball. Now what despair has to do is to gain speed and try and bump his body zorb into those of the other people, in an effort to try and trip as many of them as possible. Everybody takes a turn being the bowling ball. The player that manages to trip most of the other players will win the tournament. It’s pretty exhilarating and fun.

You can also do body zorbing in other manners. For instance you can organize a special track for two people to race each other. These people also have to wear a body zorb, and then they have to traverse this obstacle course as fast as they can racing one another. There usually are some inflatable racing tracks available to buy on the Amazon. These have special inflatable obstacles all around the track making it super fun. If you use your body zorb on such a track the advantage is that it will not puncture because of the special nylon material it is made of. Going body zorbing on rough surfaces can ruin your infable body zorb. It can scratch or puncture and deflate.

And so it is better to go body zorbing on special surfaces. Even grass will do. There are also other scenarios and games that you can play using your body zorb. One of them is called the generals and it involves two armies of people equipped with their zorbs bumping into one another and trying to push each teams general over the enemy line. This is a very fun body zorbing activity.

You can also just tumble around freely while body zorbing. Use your imagination and do what you want, since the body zorb will protect your body from getting injured.

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